Vendor Payment

Once your product has been delivered to the buyer you will get paid in 5 business working days

(One of the reasons is based on our 7 days return policies.)

The minimum threshold for receiving payment is ₦1,000.

Once you have made up to ₦1,000 payment will be sent to the bank details which is set in your vendor account.

On your vendor dashboard click on payments and you will be redirected to the page below.

Click on withdrawal to request payment.

But it’s not really necessary to click on withdrawal because once your product has been ordered and our delivery agents have delivered the product to the buyer automatically you will be in the queue to receive payment once the buyer has received the product he/she paid for, without you requesting for withdrawal, that is how the system has been programmed for the benefit of the vendors.

After clicking on the withdrawal button you will be redirected to the page below where you can see your pending payments if the order status has been completed (Buyer has received your product from our delivery agent.)


Click on Transactions button to view your Transactions (Payment) history.

How to View Customers as a Vendor