Creating a New Product

After login, you will be redirected to your vendor dashboard. Click on Products on the left sidebar.

See the example below.

And you will be redirected to the product page, see the image below.

Click on the Add New Button.

And you will be redirected to the page, where you can add a new product, see the image below.

Product Name

First filling the name of the product in the product title.

Product Price

Next, we have to put in the price we want to sell our product.

Please note that there are two types of prices the regular price & the sale price.

Note: Regular price has to be greater than the Sale price.

Regular price is the price that the product is sold for normally.

While the sale price is the price you intend to actually sell your product for.

See the example below.

Product Short Description

The Short description, is a few lines that explain what your product is all about.

We recommend it shouldn’t be more than 50 words.

Product Long Description

The Long description is where you can specify the usage condition or the minimum age to use your product or the main materials of your product, etc.

You can also post an image on the long description.

You can also copy and paste a lengthy description that is related to your product in the long product description.

Also, you can add the size of your product in the long description.

There is no maximum length of words required.

Product Image

Click on the direction where this arrow is facing below to upload a featured image.

After clicking on the big image thumbnail where the arrow is pointing to above.

You will be directed to this page below where you can select an image.

After upload, you will see the image visible.

The big thumbnail where the arrow is pointing below is the main featured image which customers will see before click to view or buy your product.

While the smaller thumbnails like the ones you will see in the image below are the gallery images these are the more images a customer can see, or scroll through to really have a better look of your product.

To add more images click on the little + sign.

And click on the little image thumbnail to upload.

After the image has been uploaded, it should look like this below.

If you have more images click on the + sign.

And if you want to remove an image click on the x sign.

Product Categories.

Click on the checkbox to select a category.

If you can’t find your category or you think your product category should be a sub-category then click on the small arrow facing the direction right to see a dropdown.

Like you can see in the image below.

Product Tags

Write down some short keywords, tags of your product.

These tags are what people will search for on google to see your products.

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.”

So you can also write down tags or questions which you think people can search for in google.

Product Inventory

SKU: Stock keeping unit.

It’s optional, can be left blank.

Next, click on the manage stock checkbox to enable stock quantity.

After clicking on the manage stock checkbox.

You can now put how many quantities of that product you have in stock.

Backorders have to do with customers been able to still order your product even when you have less than 1 in stock.

So we recommend not to enable backorders.

So select Do not Allow as you can see in the image above.

Next is a feature called Sold Individually which means that if you enable this option.

Customers cannot order more than 1 quantity of that particular product.

Product Shipping

Click on Shipping as you can see in the image below where the text color is blue.

Please, the weight of your product is important but not compulsory.

The dimensions as regards to length, width, height or not also compulsory.

If you sell clothes/materials the Dimensions is very important.

Leave the Shipping class the way it is.

Next is the Processing time, which is the time it will take you to prepare the product once someone has ordered the product online.

We recommend your processing time should not exceed 2 business days.

Creating a New Product

Seo – Search Engine Optimization (Google)

Click on the Yoast SEO as you see in the image below.

Please, these are very important for helping you derive sales on your products from Google.

When people search for products to buy on google if you actually set a focus keyword this will make your product to show up in the list of results.

Focus keyword: This is a short keyword that is the main focus of your product title.

Example if you are selling a cream with the name:

Natural Lightening Cream for Body.

You can use Lightening Cream has your focus keyword.

Please note that it’s recommended that your focus keyword should also be in your title.

While you can copy your product short description and paste in the meta description box.

Product Policies

Click on product policy as you can see in the image/screenshot below.

Please, we recommended you leave it the default it is.

Post Submission

Click on draft if you want to save the product you created so as to edit and publish later.

Finally, click on the direction the arrow is pointing to below.

Then the post will be under a moderation process.

If the post or product you submitted is not against our Terms & Conditions which you can still read if you have by clicking the link below.

Click here – Terms & Conditions.

The product is not against our terms & conditions it will be approved in a few minutes or hours.

How to Manage Orders – Vendor Dashboard




Vendor Payment

Once your product has been delivered to the buyer you will get paid in 5 business working days

(One of the reasons is based on our 7 days return policies.)

The minimum threshold for receiving payment is ₦1,000.

Once you have made up to ₦1,000 payment will be sent to the bank details which is set in your vendor account.

On your vendor dashboard click on payments and you will be redirected to the page below.

Click on withdrawal to request payment.

But it’s not really necessary to click on withdrawal because once your product has been ordered and our delivery agents have delivered the product to the buyer automatically you will be in the queue to receive payment once the buyer has received the product he/she paid for, without you requesting for withdrawal, that is how the system has been programmed for the benefit of the vendors.

After clicking on the withdrawal button you will be redirected to the page below where you can see your pending payments if the order status has been completed (Buyer has received your product from our delivery agent.)


Click on Transactions button to view your Transactions (Payment) history.

How to View Customers as a Vendor